The Best Cordless Grass Trimmers in the Market

Cordless string trimmers combine the benefits of an electric device – a push start button, zero emissions, no need to maintain the engine, and comparatively silent operation – with the ease and convenience of a gas string trimmer. Go back a few decades, and there were hardly any cordless models available that had the power or battery life to be practically feasible.

Today is another story however, with electric cordless string trimmers that are both durable and practical. Of course, they still aren’t on the exact same level as gas powered models, but they get the job done. Battery powered string trimers are an excellent low cost option for those who only perform small trimming jobs. And since they run on a DC battery and don’t need to be connected to a power outlet, your area of movement won’t be bound by an extension cord. Cordless string trimmers are effective against errand weed and grass growth, but, be warned, most aren’t capable of dealing with hard weed and brush the way gas trimmers are. Developments in battery technology have enhanced the performance of cordless electric trimmers, leading to their enhanced popularity today.

So if you are looking for the best all around weed wackers? Check out our recommendations.

1. EGO Power Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

The EGO cuts a 15-inch swath which is great for large yards, and 56-volts will power you through almost any job. The tool is weather resistant so you can keep cutting through a light rain.
  • Voltage: 56
  • Weight: 9 LB
  • Cut Width: 15 IN.
You can get this product from HERE.

2. Milwaukee M18 Cordless String Trimmer

Milwaukee didn't mess around with their first foray into outdoor power equipment. Their cordless string trimmer is powered by their popular M18 platform and when paired with a 9.0 Ah battery, you'll have hours of runtime. The 16-inch cutting area is the largest tested.
  • Voltage: 18
  • Weight: 9.95 LB
  • Cut Width: 16 IN.
You can get this product from HERE.

3. Dewalt 20V MAX String Trimmer

Expand your Dewalt 20V MAX tools with their string trimmer which is designed for household use and clearing small jobsites. The tool is well balanced and responds instantly when the trigger is engaged.
  • Voltage: 20
  • Weight: 8.5 LB
  • Cut Width: 13 IN.
You can get this product from HERE.

4. Black & Decker String Trimmer

Every electric trimmer could use the feature that helps this product excel: a Power Command dial that lets you adjust power from 1 to 6. The 1 setting is for maximum run time; 6 gives maximum power. The cut quality is superb at any setting.
  • Voltage: 40
  • Weight: 7.8 LB
  • Cut Width: 13 IN.

You can get this product from HERE.

5. CORE GasLess Power Gasless Powered Trimmer

Smooth-cutting and powerful, the Core looks and feels like a gas-engine trimmer, but it's blissfully quiet.

We experienced line-feeding problems. Core said our tool was a preproduction model and that the problem has been fixed with a new line feed and cutoff system.
  • Voltage: 21
  • Weight: 11 LB
  • Cut Width: 14 IN.
You can get this product from HERE.