Drip systems for gardens

I've been growing heirloom tomatoes now for about 9 years and have "rigged" several different water delivery systems. Heirloom tomato plants require consistent even water distribution or you can wind up with tomatoes that split, cat face or develop blossom end rot. The standard 50' soaker hoses tend to be very uneven. If you have to make a a 90 degree turn the hose collapses and cuts off the supply down stream.

I tried cutting up an old soaker hose and buying fittings at the hardware store, but the hose would build up pressure and blow off the fittings. There really aren't any locking fittings made to connect two pieces of soaker hoses. Drip systems are expensive and don't come close to the thorough and even watering this system provides.

I need to remove the irrigation hoses after the season ends to prepare the soil for my fall/winter vegetables, and then again in late winter to solarize and fortify (organically) my bed for the tomato season. With the traditional drip soakers that becomes a massive chore, not to mention storage problems. This was a snap to put together and it'll be a cinch to take apart and store between plantings. Very simple system, yet ingenious. Works like a charm!!

You can get it from AMAZON.