Rhubarb leaf stepping stones

How To Do:
  1. Cut a piece of plastic at least 6" larger than the leaf you are using as a form.
  2. Place plastic on hard surface.
  3. Lay rhubarb leaf down with its vein side facing up.
  4. Follow package direction for mixing concrete.
  5. Use a trowel or gloved hands to put concrete mix on leaf.
  6. Keep concrete about ½" from the edge of the leaf.
  7. Make sure your concrete is at least 1" thick
  8. Cut some wire about 2" smaller than your leaf.
  9. Place the wire on the concrete and pat it down (gloved hands work best and it’s fun)
  10. Put another layer of concrete on top of the wire 1-1½" thick.
  11. Gently pull the plastic up around the leaf.
  12. Prop the whole thing in place with sand or dirt if needed.
  13. Cover top loosely with another layer of plastic.
  14. Let cure for 48 hours.