Controlling Blossom Drop of Tomatoes

Symptom : Tomato flowers fall off prematurely causing very little or no fruit to actually develop.

Cause : "Blossom Drop" is usually caused when the tomato plant experiences a sudden change in the weather, typically when night temperatures are lower than 55 degrees F, when day temperatures are higher than 95 degrees F, or when night temperatures remain above 75 degrees F. Hot drying winds and a sudden lack of moisture for the plant may intensify the problem.

Remedy : Add mulch to keep the soil moisture even. Use TOMATO BLOSSOM SET SPRAY, an all-natural plant hormone that helps blossoms set fruit in spite of poor weather conditions, producing larger, meatier tomatoes with fewer seeds. Use early in the season and get tomatoes up to three weeks earlier. When tomato flowers are fully open, spray regularly for bigger yields all season. Improving weather conditions may also solve the problem without action.