Copper Bird Feeder

I've lost track of the number of bird feeders I've bought over the years. When I saw this one it seemed very sturdy and I liked the way the lid was fastened down securely. Even the perch ring was welded to the body. I've been using it for several months and still love it. I use it strictly for sunflower seeds. Usually the bird sits on the perch and uses its beak to reach in to one of the 4 slotted openings to grab a seed. Even the little chickadees have figured out how to do it. The seeds stay totally dry when it rains. The best part is the occasional squirrel that manages to get on to the perch has no room to move and gets frustrated because only a couple seeds fall through the opening so it just gives up and jumps off. This feeder is an excellent value for the price. Highly recommend.

you can get this Copper Bird Feeder from Amazon.