Geobin Composting System

I own three compost bins. One is one of those fancy models that you pay through the nose for. The second is one that is similar to this one only it has fewer but larger holes. My third is the unit I purchased through Amazon.

I am so impressed with the Geobin that I have already ordered two more.

My fancy model is long on good looks but it is high maintenance and will only work with a lot of encouragement.

My second model works better than the fancy one but I had to use it more as a long term composter as it was very slow to compost.

My third is the Geobin. I set it up and it went to work right away. I put a bunch of stuff in and a couple of days later I checked it and the pile had already sank a good foot and a half. I think this is due to the numerous holes the Geobin has to provide air to the compost.

When I take into consideration how much the fancy units cost and how little this one costs the stakes become a minor issue in my opinion. Another minor issue I had was attempting to set it up but this is to be expected with these large non-rigid expanding compost bins. The upside of this is that they can compost far more material than the smaller fancy units.

If I have any major issues with this unit I will delete this review and write another. I very much doubt that will happen.

you can get the Geobin composting system from Amazon.