Pantry Moth Pheromone Traps

I bought three brands of moth traps and conducted an experiment to evaluate their relative effectiveness. I placed three traps in a high-traffic (moth-wise) area, three in a moderate-traffic area, and three in a low-traffic area. I altered the order so that a different brand of trap was in the middle each time. The Pro-pest model was the most effective, especially in the high-traffic area, and captured twice as many moths. One reason for this is that the bait is distributed throughout the glue used in the trap. With the other models, the bait is provided on a little 1/4 inch square that you have to place in the trap. In one model, the instructions indicate it should be placed in an area without any glue. Not surprisingly, this was the least effective trap. Second, the Pro-pest trap has the largest glue area of the three (at about 40 square inches, compared to 30). Third, the glue has good adhesive properties. One of the other models comes with the tent preassembled, saving you the "trouble" of peeling off the protective covering and folding the trap into a tent shape. This also means the glue has been exposed to air for some time. Not surprisingly, it appeared moths had landed on the glue area of this trap but managed to escape. Finally, the price of the Pro-Pest model was about the same as the moderately effective trap, and less than the least effective trap, making this the best value of the three.

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