This Cute Little Yellow Ball Took Care of our Fruit Fly Problem

This cute little yellow ball took care of our fruit fly problem. All natural! It is very rewarding to watch the fruit flies enjoying their banana while we enjoy ours without being bothered!

Initially I didn't think The eek-o Fruit Fly Trap was going to work. I was kind of thinking it wouldn't after the packaging was talking about taking the fruit flies out to release them. To my amazement I had killed about 10 after the first night. I would recommend this product.

I’ve tried numerous fly traps and this is hands down the best.

You can get The eek-o you-bait-it Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap from HERE

  • WORKS WITH: With banana, apple cider vinegar, or your own concoction; your bait attracts them, eek-o captures them.
  • ATTRACTIVE: An alternative for those who prefer not to have an ugly plastic wrapped jar hanging around the kitchen all summer.
  • ECONOMICAL: Save 20% by buying the 5-pack.
  • EFFECTIVE: eek-o's patented double chamber design makes it virtually impossible for bugs to escape.
  • DISPOSABLE: Designed for responsible recycling after up to three or more uses. Made from 100% recyclable PET plastic (recycle code No.1).