Great Raised Garden Bed Kit, 3rd Growing Season And So Far So Good.

Raised bed gardening provide many advantages such as: longer growing seasons, improved soil, better pest control, higher yields, and ease of access. Raised beds can be installed virtually everywhere regardless of soil quality and with less work than digging to produce more crops per square foot, which makes them the perfect solution for backyard gardening.

Assembling this Raised Garden Bed is very simple. Simply level the ground, then stack the boards, and insert the corner pins to make a durable planter for your vegetables and flowers. You don't need any tools. Assembling takes only a few minutes!

Unlike most Raised beds, the simple design of this kit allows the wood to shrink and swell for improved sturdiness in all weather conditions. The screws and nails will loosen eventually as the wood age. This raised bed assemble with rust-free metal pins. So after many years the Raised Garden Bed won't fall apart, and you can still dismantle it by hand if you want.

This Raised Bed Kit is made from a durable cedar, which is Termite & rot resistant, and protected by a non-toxic waterproof sealing material that is safe for growing plants. Left untreated it can last up to 10-15 years.

You can get this Raised bed from Here.