Things I learned about gardening from Pinterest

Here are the top things I learned about gardening from Pinterest:

  1. The most popular veggie that people grow in their gardens is tomatoes. Then cucumbers, then bell peppers.
  2. If you grow the veggie for its leaves (spinach, lettuce, kale) you need partial shade. Everything else can use full sun.
  3. Carrots hate to grow near strawberries. Beets like to grow near anything. And more.
  4. An easy way to practice crop rotation: for each area of your garden choose root, fruit, or leaf. Swap them each year. So the root section would grow onions, carrots, etc; fruit would grow broccoli, bell peppers, etc; and leaf would grow all greens.
  5. There are tons of fun apps that you can download to plan what your garden will look like.
  6. The cutest way to store seeds for next year is Tic Tac containers. Do you have some I can use?
  7. Epsom bath salts are not only a code name for high schooler's favourite drug, they also give magnesium to your soil which yields better veggies.
  8. Avocado pits aren't the only kitchen scrap that you can use to grow a house plant; also onions, garlic, ginger, celery to name a few!
  9. You can put the garbage from your vacuum bag, and the hair you pull out of your comb/brush into your compost.