How to grow sprouted onions

Here's what I do, in case you want to try your hand at it, too:
  • Buy some onions and let them sprout in your pantry or a drawer...wherever, really. I actually bought these on sale, pre-sprouted from the farmer's market.
  • Cut into the onion, nearly to the center, trying to avoid the sprouting center portion:
  • Carefully cut around the base, removing the rest of the second half of the bulb, until you just have the center left.
  • Take your sprouted onion center(s) and plant them in soil.
  • Water them, give them sun, and watch them grow! I usually pull mine up when the green parts have dried out at the end of the season, but you can pull them up any time after you see the onion bulb starting to stick up above the soil.

via : anktangle