Easy Vegetables to Grow For Novice Gardeners

New to gardening? are you worried that planting your 1st garden well be fruitless? Then fear not, while not totally foolproof, some plants are ideal for novice gardeners who want to raise their chances of success.Here's the list.

  1. Carrots – As long as you have soil with good drainage. you'll have great success with growing carrots. They most likely won’t grow as big as the ones that you see in the market . But they'll grow sweet and delicious.
  2. TomatoesTomatoes grow quick and bear lots of fruits. For best results, try growing Determinate varieties of tomatoes. also called "bush" tomatoes, or cherry tomatoes. Which won’t need as much staking.
  3. Green Beans – Many varieties of beans are excellent for novice gardeners. Bush beans are small, don't need any staking and grow very easily with few issues. Pole beans are easy to grow as long as you've got some type of support.
  4. PeppersBell peppers and sweet peppers are very easy to grow plants. If the plant get droopy, simply add some stakes and tie them with some nylon. For the novice gardeners, they're best grown from seedlings. If you leave the green peppers on the vines long enough and they will turn red.
  5. Radishes – this is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Most Radishe varieties are ready to harvest in about 20-25 days.

For more info try reading this book "One Magic Square Vegetable Gardening" The instructions are easy, the index of fruits/veggies/trees in the back is indespensible, and the colored pictures are timely. Yes, the theme is of a magic square, but before you know it you'll have 4 or more going, without that much effort. I'm using this book to plan my garden and can't wait to companion plant some rosemary with our pear tree.