The Best Bulb Planters in the Market

Despite mixed opinions, I’m a fan of bulb planters. Some would argue that rocking a trowel back and forth to create a wedge-shaped hole is enough. Or that digging a trench and planting bulbs together is the preferable route.

Well, I don’t agree.

Even as somebody who grows primarily in containers, I still love my bulb planter.

The reason is simple: it’s easier to use than a trowel and it’s good for digging holes for bedding plants too.

Anyhow, in this article I’m going to review my favourite products, along with offering some general buying advice. Let’s dive in…

6. Garden Weasel Bulb Planter

The long shaft and broad T-bar grip handles of the Garden Weasel make it easy to concentrate plenty of manpower into each hole you dig. It also features a nonslip foot plate for when extra effort is needed to dig through stubborn soil.

You can get this product from HERE.

5. Flexrake LRB120 Adjustable Hinged Bulb Planter

The Flexrake LRB120 features an easy to open hinge that allows soil to fall from the unit with ease. Its smooth chrome plating further aids in the easy release of even moist earth, so you waste little time cleaning the planter and spend more time planting.

You can get this product from HERE.

4. Jisco JB24 Bulb Planter

As long as you already have a drill with a decent amount of torque, the Jisco JB24 makes it easy to bore out holes perfect for planting bulbs. It is also a good choice for use when planting seedlings or to destroy the roots of stubborn weeds.

You can get this product from HERE.

3. Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Planter For Soft and Hard Soil

From the Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools company comes a tool that does, indeed, look traditional. With its carved wooden handle, the planter might even look antiquated, but its sharp and durable steel head says otherwise.

You can get this product from HERE.

2. DeWit Dibber for Planting Bulbs, Seedlings and Seeds

The DeWit Dibber is perfect for planting smaller bulbs that don't need to be placed that far beneath the surface of the soil. Rather than lifting a core of dirt up and out, it simple bores a hole into the ground into which you can drop a bulb.

You can get this product from HERE.

1. Bully Tools 92302 2.81" Diameter Bulb Planter

The three-inch diameter barrel of the Bully Tools 92302 planter lifts out more than enough soil for tulip bulbs, potatoes, and many other types of plant that must be placed deep down into the soil. Its T-style handle helps you to twist out those large chunks of dirt.

You can get this product from HERE.