How to grow lemon trees from seeds indoors

Growing lemon trees from seeds is fun, especially for children, and although they flower as quite young plants, it takes a number of years before they fruit. In the meantime, they make attractive, highly fragrant container plants.

How To :

- Buy the right seeds. Persian or Bearss Lime, Semi Dwarf Lisbon, Meyer Lemon , Citris Mitis Calamondin-Minature, Calamondin Orange, Improved Meyer Lemon, Panama OrangeMonachello Italian Lemon Tree, Eureka Lemon, Nippon Orangequat are all great varieties for beginning indoor cultivators.
- When to Start: Spring
- Cut open a lemon, remove the seeds and dry them. Plant several seeds per pot, 1/2 inch deep in seed potting mix. Water them in and put the pots in a warm spot. Keep them well watered.
- Once the young seedlings are growing well, remove them from their pots and carefully tease their roots apart. Pot them on individually into their own small pots in soil-based potting mix, and water them in well.
- Place pots in a sunny spot outside and keep well watered. Grow in a cool room indoors, or in a greenhouse, over winter; place outside in summer and early fall until the first frosts are forecast.

Source : Grow Citrus Fruit