How To Make a Bamboo Bee House

Have you ever heard of a Mason Bee? they are definitely great bees to have around your garden. Unlike most bees, the Mason Bee is a peaceful non-stinging bee that is also a legendary pollinator. These cool bees each visit and pollinate nearly 100 blooms each day. these solitary bees don't make hives; they seek shelter in narrow openings, such as the hollows of reeds and holes in trees.

How To Make a Bamboo Bee House : Cut a long piece of Bamboo reed (1/2- to 3/4-inch diameter) into several 6-inch lengths using a sharp, fine-tooth pruning saw. Then tie them together with waxed twine, and place the bundle between tree branches so that it's sheltered. Your flowers, fruits, vegetables, and apiarian guests will thank you.

Or you can buy this natural bamboo bee house, hang it in a tree or on a wall where it can get plenty of morning sun.