Starting From Seeds

Seed Starting - The First Step to Gardening by Gary Emmett. This was a very informative, easy to read book. I found it very useful to know what I need to do to make my seed starting more successful. Some of the points I found the most useful to me were:

  • when to start seeds inside (I usually start them all at the same time)
  • which seeds to just start outside and when (I thought you had to wait until after the last frost)
  • what kind of "soil" to use and not use (I've tried using garden soil before)
  • how to transplant the plants to larger containers (I usually just leave them in the original pot)

Great book for those who are beginner gardeners and for those who have gardened for years. Gary Emmett tells it like it is without all the fluff you would find in most 'how to' books. Highly recommend this to all.