How Do You Kill Sugar Ants

The sugar ants' name comes from their liking for sugar, but they are attracted to other savory food. They are commonly referred to as pests but their bites are not painful. They are found in many parts of the world, including the US.

Carefully observe the little darlings to discover where they enter your house. Then regularly wipe the runways with chlorox or other suitable bleach. that will destroy the chemical signals that the workers lay down for others to follow.

If there are nests in your house. use the following poison bait. Heat some water and dissolve as much table sugar as you can to make a syrup. Add common borax to the solution, . (20 mule team or some other brand. Lay drops of that solution where the ants walk or near the opening to their nests. The workers will bring the "food" back to the colony and slowly poison everyone. Be patient it takes time but it works.

Do not use that bait if you have pets or young children. Or put the drops in an inaccessible place. Store the bait solution in the fridge, and mark it prominently so no one uses it accidentally. (otherwise yeast might grow in it).