How do you Plant a Tree That Will Thrive

If you want your newly planted tree to grow and be healthy, you can't just stick it in a hole in the ground and hope for the best. We'll show you how to plant a tree that will thrive, extend its roots and enhance your landscape. The tree shown is a Summercrisp pear tree, but the steps are the same for any variety.

Pick a tree variety that grows well in your area and soil conditions (a nursery can help you with this). If you're planting a fruit tree, find out if you need to plant a second one within a certain distance for pollination. And ask the nursery (or research online) how big the tree will be when it's full grown. Then plant it far enough away from your house so that once the tree reaches maturity, its branches won't scrape against your siding or roof.

You can get the instructions from Here.