The Best Hose Nozzles and Sprayers in the Market

Taking care of your lawn and garden requires a lot of thought. One simple thing that means success is making sure what you grow has the right amount of water. Since we don’t live in the dark ages anymore, hauling buckets of water to plants is not something we have to do. It’s important to find a good nozzle for your hose since this tool will do the bulk of your watering.

We’ve compiled a list of the best nozzles to make your decision easier and get you back out to your garden where you belong.

1. Heavy Duty 10 Pattern Metal Watering Nozzle

The best overall nozzle is one that offers both the ease of choosing the spray type, and the durability of metal. It gives you the flexibility of many different types of spray patterns to ensure that whatever your watering needs are, you are covered.

Heavy Duty 10 Pattern Spray Nozzle will cover any job you might have in your garden. It is made of durable metal and baked enamel, and features a front pull trigger with a clip to hold steady watering. The grip is rubber covered for comfort and to protect your skin against changes in temperature.

A huge plus for this nozzle is not only do you have control over the spray pattern, but a knob directly on the nozzle gives you control over the water pressure itself. When you need super gentle watering or to spray a blast of water to clean, you can adjust the type of spray and change the pressure of water itself directly.

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2. Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Aluminum Hose Nozzle

Fireman nozzles are versatile and can put out a large amount of water in a very short time. They are great for large watering jobs, and for people who have difficulty with traditional pistol style nozzles.

Though Bon Aire is a company you’ve likely never heard of, they make one particular nozzle so well that they don’t need any other type. The Bon Aire fireman nozzle is sold at most hardware stores and is a solidly built choice.

The spray strength is achieved by twisting the nozzle. The Bon Aire features 5 different spray patterns, a gentle pour, a soft spray, a diffuse spray, a more forceful stream, and a needle jet. It is easy to hold, and the twisting action makes this a great choice for those who find pulling the pistol style grip difficult.

It is also possible to disassemble and clean with a hex wrench.

A downside is that you must cycle through many spray patterns before being able to turn off the spray of water, though it is great for those who need to set and hold a spray pattern for a longer time.

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3. Orbit Metal Fan Spray With On/Off Hose Spray Nozzle

Fan nozzles have widened mouths that spray a wide, gentle spray of water shaped like a fan. They offer only one type of spray.

When you have gentle watering needs, such as a newly seeded lawn, the Orbit Metal fan sprayer with an on/off lever is a great choice. It puts out a large amount of water, cutting down on the time it takes to finish watering, but remains gentle. It features an insulated grip to protect against hot or cold handle temperatures, and has a flow control lever.

Aluminum constructions ensures that the parts are durable. It has a wide spray area, making it great for watering lawns or vegetable gardens, and the flow control lever is built into the handle reducing the chance of breakage.

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4. Dramm One Touch Rain Wand with One Touch Valve

Watering wand style nozzles extend your reach by placing the nozzle at the end of a longer wand that can reach up to 30 inches. They are good if you have watering tasks that are difficult to reach, such as deep garden beds or hanging baskets.

The Dramm 14 inch one touch rain wand is an excellent watering wand style nozzle. Although watering wands do not come in different spray patterns, this particular nozzle has 400 holes and a steady, gentle pressure that allows you to dispense a large amount of water in a shorter time without damaging more fragile plants.

It also features the one-touch on/off valve. Most wands require you to hold a lever to dispense water, or they have an on/off valve that is difficult to open, but for this particular style, you can simply slide the valve button in place and relax.

The wand comes in different lengths up to 30 inches, allowing you to reach plants from various distances, and all wands are well balanced making them easy to hold and wield.

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