Good & Cheap Raised Garden Bed Made in the USA

I purchased 3 of these raised beds in the summer of 2014 and even after experiencing 2 pretty hard winters they still looking great. They were easy to assemble and so far have held up remarkably.

Some reviews have stated that the boards are awfully unpolished and rough, and that is true except for us that hasn't been a problem. A couple of boards were also a little crooked however not enough to cause us any real worry and not enough to make us want to send them back. So far i was successfull in growing tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, cantaloupe, watermelon, peppers, eggplant and some herbs. I tried growing corn in one of the raised beds but the ears that formed were scrawny therefore I won't attempt it again.

Everyone who drop by our house comments on how good the raised beds look. If I had some extra sunny areas in my back yard i'd get a few more.

You can get this Raised Garden Bed from here - Amazon