The Best Bypass Loppers in the Market

Got tough or high branches that need a little trimming? Cut them easily and without a ladder using one of these durable and effective bypass loppers. We've included cutters for every kind of situation -- whether you want an affordable model for light pruning or something more substantial that can lop off a tree limb up to two inches thick.

1. A.M. Leonard Compound Action Bypass Loppers

Break through shoots over 2 inches thick with the A.M. Leonard Compound Action. It has handles that are over 30 inches long to reach high places and to increase your leverage. Plus its carbon-treated blades make clean cuts.

You can get this Product from HERE.

2. Tabor Tools GG11 Professional Compound Action Bypass Lopper

The Tabor Tools Tree Power can, as the name implies, get some real work done on any arboreal extensions. With a head that opens wide, it takes just one clamp down to give the outgrowths in your topiary a clean and definitive cut.

You can get this Product from HERE.

3. Troy-Bilt Comfort Max Telescoping Bypass Lopper

With a German-steel blade that resists rust and the ability to adjust its tension, the Troy-Bilt Comfort Max will be your go-to option for years to come. The head is held securely together by large bolts, so it won't fall apart during tough work.

You can get this Product from HERE.

4. Corona Extendable Heavy Duty Bypass Limb and Branch Lopper

The trapezoidal shape of the Corona SL 4364's steel handles are engineered to stand up to a serious application of pressure, meaning they won't bend or break easily. With ergonomic ComfortGel grips, that design doesn't make them any less pleasant to use.

You can get this Product from HERE.

5. MLTOOLS Easy Cut Ratcheting Extendable bypass Lopper

The MLTools Easy Cut L8230 works best for light trimming tasks. The aluminum handles can extend up to nearly forty inches, putting most limbs within reach. The slightly complicated ratcheting mechanism might be a concern in the long term, but it makes slicing simple.

You can get this Product from HERE.