Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

We have a large dog and have had our first and only Water Dog in operation since 2005.

We had to install a newer style exterior faucet on the house so it could seat properly initially, and we pull it in the house every time the temperature goes below 35 degrees. Needless to say, it is in most of the winter. However, we've had the same one in operation for 6 years, changing the batteries every Summer, and reinstalling it every Spring.

Our dog loves it and so do we. He's taught other dogs to use it as well. He figured out how to avoid the hot water in the pipes on hot days, by going up to it and letting it run for a minute before he takes a drink. Before we got the Water Dog, he would tip his bowl over, or it would get full of dirt and mud. This removes the bowl from being a play toy, and assures him of fresh, cool, available water everytime he wants it. He gets excited every Spring when it goes back up. It is starting to give us problems this year, by not always sensing his presence, but we believe if we pull the sensor screens and clean them, it might solve the problem. If not, we will definitely buy another one.

No standing water, no bothering you, no dehydrated dogs, no cleaning of pet bowls, no worries.

You can buy the Water Dog online from HERE.