The Best Organic Fertilizers in the Market

If you’re new to gardening, it may come as a surprise that just putting a seed or plant in soil and having it grow beautifully is not exactly how it works. Plants require complex nutrients that are sometimes found in the soil, but it’s rare that you have the perfect combination in your backyard.

Most likely, the soil you are working with is missing some key things that your plants need to do their best. One way to supply these is to add fertilizer, preferably organic.

1. Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer

What can fish and seaweed fertilizer do for your garden? A whole lot!

This is a 2-3-1 fertilizer that will work to strengthen foliage, make blooms more colorful, increase the quantity of blooms and make them more fragrant.

You can use this on houseplants, lawns, to help germinate seeds, on outdoor plants (anything from the vegetable garden to the rose bushes).

If you have just a few plants to fertilize, this 18-ounce size will do, but those of you who want to cover the whole garden should opt for the 1-gallon or the 5-gallon size to help you fertilize it all!

You can get this Product from HERE.

2. Fox Farm Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom

This trio of products from Fox Farm is another great investment for the organic garden.

The Tiger Bloom liquid fertilizer is an extra strength formula with 2-8-4 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (respectively) that will help all of your flowering plants to produce large, healthy buds and blooms.

Grow Big is perfect for vegetable gardens with a 6-4-4 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (respectively) and finally, we see those rich earthworm castings back again along with some super bat guano that works as a general fertilizer for all other plants.

If you’re in need of a variety of organic fertilizers, Fox Farm has the perfect kit for you right here.

You can get this Product from HERE.

3. Unco Industries Wiggle Worm Soil Builder

Can you get any more organic than earthworm castings?

Worm waste – also known as castings – is so beneficial to plant soil since it is pH neutral and won’t burn your plants with an excessive amount of nutrients. The worm’s digestive system does amazing things to the food they eat and we are rewarded with a rich, organic fertilizer that we can use on vegetable gardens, houseplants, outdoor flowering plants and much more.

This is by far the best organic fertilizer on our list and a staple item to have in any gardening supply kit.

Plants respond so well to this and it is especially helpful to potted plants where worms are less likely to live!

You can get this Product from HERE.